Friday, 16 December 2011

i was gone for a bit but now i'm back

Hey, I'm back home from a long tour with The Arteries. I got a few things done before we left in October but didn't get a chance to upload them...

Here are 2 of those things;

A shirt design for my best Buds in Static Radio NJ, it's a picture of my best bud Pugs looking like Glenn D. Complete with a last can of a 6 pack, Big Mike tattoo and dripping crucifix. A Bud cocktail. There has been talk of turning this into an Arteries shirt design too, so that ol' Pugzig gets an even wider spread. Imagine that!
I also designed a 7" layout for French punk rock trio, Pink Flamingos. Here is the sleeve art;

I got the chance to pick up a copy when we were in Le Havre, it turned out looking pretty cool.

I have a HUGE to do list to crack on with. I'm super excited about a lot of if. Some how I've got the chance to work with one of my favourite bands. Holy Smokes! Watch this space...

Thanks for looking!

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