Thursday, 25 April 2013

Please don't leave me to remain

I'm exhibiting a whole bunch of painted photographs at The Picture House in Exeter next week, the opening night is on Tuesday. It should be fun, my buddies Roo and Rory are going to play some music on guitar and keyboards and Nathan and Hayley, who run No Guts No Glory (who, by the way are arranging the whole shindig) are going to be making some limited edition poster riso prints of the photograph from the poster below and maybe some delicious cakes. Anyhow, the bottom line is that it should be cool and it would be great if some people came out to take a look at the photos and enjoy themselves. I've already seen them all you see.
Oh and BANGERS are playing at the Cavern later on so that's another good reason to be in town that night.
HERE is a link to the event page with all the info on facebook. Here is a poster too;
I've also made a little photography zine/book to go hand in hand with the show. Here is a video of it so you can see for yourself;

There are 20 copies and they are all stamped and numbered. Get one while they're hot!
If any are left over i'll put them in my online shop.

couple choo tree images

I've been neglecting this blog recently and if there is anyone that cares about that other than me, i am very sorry. The main reason is that instagram has made putting stuff online way easier so now the idea of this previously easy task has become a chore. Here's a cool plug, my name on there is gotvitaminc.

Here is a poster i made with Beyonce on it, it's for the next ARTERIES tour;
Rhys and I are going to print up a load of them to take on the tour. HERE are the dates, they'll also be in the SWFU shop after the tour if there are any leftovers.

It's been so long that i haven't even put a photo of the latest Arteries record layout on here, so here's that for your viewing pleasure;

It turned out pretty cool looking in real life too;

I've also started a new band with two friends from New Jersey, the band is called PALE ANGELS. Here is a preview of the record sleeve;
and some other bits that went along with the process

ARTERIES are playing in Swansea at the beginning of next month, here is the poster for that show;

I'm doing a photo exhibition called 'The Waiting Room' in Exeter next week, i'm going to write a separate post with more info, but here are a couple previews of some of the photos that will be up on the walls;

and here is one of me getting busy

THANKS for looking!