Wednesday, 20 January 2010

see ray!

If Hot Water Music were Destiny's Child then Chuck Ragan would be Beyonce (i guess that would make Chris Wollard Kelly Roland but that is besides the point!) The point is that Chuck Ragan is a hero!

Swansea Collective have booked him a show (his only headline date of the tour) in Swansea on March 20th, Arteries, Bangers and Jon Shoe are playing too - it's is seriously going to rule so don't miss out!

SC's Trev asked me to do the poster, so i did - here it is;

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Some portraits of my friends

I thought it would be cool to upload some of my favourite photo portraits that i have taken.
so here they are...

click on them to make them bigger.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Doughnut Bruvvaz

BROTHERS from Exeter have a new CD out soon and i just finished doing something for the front cover, and it's going be used as a shirt design also.
There are 3 non brothers in Brothers so i thought it would be cool to draw 3 tasty looking doughnuts...

The shirt design is just going to be 1 colour so it will look like this

but the CD cover features all the tasty colours of the doughnut rainbow!

(click 'em to make 'em bigger)

Banquet(s) oops!

My friend Dave has just started a new band called BANQUETS and he asked me to do a design for them that they could use as a T Shirt design, that sounded cool, they love drinking so i thought of doing some sort of drunk moonshine bird/eagle type thing.
I fucked up my first attempt of drawing an eagle and then ended up drawing a beer can, it came out alright so i thought i should just go with it. I then called my friend Pugs and asked what Dave's new band was called because i had forgotten, he told me they were called 'Banquet.' Turns out they are called 'BanquetS!' and that name comes from a certain type of beer...
The long and the short of the story is that a t shirt design with the wrong band name and PBR colours didn't cut the mustard...

oh well... i will try doing some sort of drunk eagle again asap!

Cynics/Wegrowbeards split artwork

The dudes from CYNICS and WEGROWBEARDS have a split coming out and they asked me to do the art for them. Giles from Cynics said that they wanted something to do with cricket and beards, or drinking...

The front cover came out like this

and the back came out like that.


T shirt design for SSSSNAKES

This shirt has got it all; A fun fact and a beverage opportunity!
you can pick one up here.
and you can check out SSSSNAKES here.
If you don't like beer, you can customise you shirt like this;

(everybody likes root beer)

A few posters...

I initially wanted to use a photo of the Wet Bandits from the Home Alone movies for the Xmas show poster below but i couldn't find a good photo of them, I came across one of John Candy in my search and ended up just rolling with it, I guess people as cool looking as Candy make you forget that there isn't actually any festive link, thanks John, may you rest in piece!

I'm going to screen print a bunch of posters and some other stuff that I have done really soon...

Static Radio Stuff...

I did a koozy design for STATIC RADIO NJ around the same time as the MothMan design last autumn...

They then asked for a shirt design too! i used a photo of my friend (and their friend) Pugs and made him look like a crazy mexican wrestler

Static are a really great band, they rule - check them out!
oh, and they look really cool;

Anti City Stereo

THE DEAD CITY STEREO wanted a shirt design, i though that a shitty drawing of the Anti Hero logo would look cool...

It turned out like this...

They never got the shirt done because they sorta split up, but they have a 7" of songs that never got released coming out and i think that this might be used for the cover!

they FUCKING RULE - check them out!

Friends Of MothMan!

So, i've been thinking about creating a blog for ages, i do all this design and photography stuff and I'm pretty sick of just putting images into my crappy myspace photo albums So what better time to get round to actually doing it, than time that should be spent writing a bullshit dissertation?!

For the sake of initially having images on here i'm going to post some recent and some less recent stuff that i have been working on...

Last September i did a NeckFace inspired 'MothMan' design for THE ARTERIES (I play bass in this band.)
MothMan is a pretty intense dude, you can read about him here...

We used this design for shirts and koozies when we went to the U.S. East Coast last October...
The Shirts looked cool, we are all out

but there are still some koozies left... you can get them here!

There are more posts on their way...

woah woah oh!

I made a blogger so that i can put photos of doodles that i do on the world wide web!