Friday, 19 August 2011

\m/etal tarsal

I broke my foot and was in a cast so I stayed home and tried to get lots of productive stuff done. Between many mind numbing hours of really shitty TV and being babysat by friends, I got through a good chunk of my to do list. 

Here are some bits that I've been working on recently;
A t shirt design for the wonderful LEMURIA from Buffalo, NY

My friend Chris from THE FLATLINERS and I joint forces and worked together on a tour poster for a Canadian and US tour that we are doing together in October. Check out CHRIS' BLOG!

NIGHT BIRDS are coming over for a UK and European tour next month and SSSSNAKES are playing a show with them in Swansea's number one (official) kick ass bar, Mozart's, It's going to be one hell of a show so come out and have fun! By the way, incase you are wondering, Swansea's premier unofficial bar is this infamous shack.
Most recently, I put this shirt design together for my buddy Nath who runs a very ethical and kick ass shop/brand/company down in Devon called NO GUTS NO GLORY

That's all for now, thanks for looking.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

still down with manifestations

Eye witness descriptions of Moth Man have many variables. Moth Man is well known for his ability to manifest. Having said that, two characteristics regarding ol' Moth Man's appearance remain consistent across the board of each witnesses account. Firstly; his red hypnotic eyes, and secondly his taupe dick. 
That's right, the old dog is a father to no one.

Moth Man gets a lot of bad press. My fellow ARTERIES and I fight a constant battle, doing everything we can to bring this cryptid love machine's good name to justice.
'Still Tight With Moth Man' shirts coming to a punk show near you this October...