Wednesday, 24 February 2010

wasted again!

The fine people at Get A Grip have started printing koozies, they must be the only place in the UK, what a revolution, cold beers and warm fingers for everyone!

I did a design for Arteries 'wasted again' koozies...

they are going to be on assorted colours.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I Don't Want To Grow Up!

i don't know what the hell i would do with out this record or more importantly the band!

a few years ago i got this doodle that i drew tattooed on my leg, by a really great artist named Xam
he said, 'it's not going to take very long' put I don't want to grow up on (from that song onwards) and was  done by the time the time No FB started! 

i though that it might be a little more fitting to incorporate it into the header for this here blog...

Monday, 22 February 2010

digital shlub fuzz er

I've been working on a poster for my friend trev. trev runs Swansea Collective.
I was thinking a bout doing some sort of bumble bee / bee hive / bee hive hair do idea...

I made a bunch of different 'poster' versions for the show but couldn't get anything to look right, sometimes shit just doesn't work out i guess. 
I still think it's a cool idea and i like the little bees so i'm going to do something with it at some point, maybe even just screen print it as an image as opposed to a poster.

because i couldn't get a poster for the show trev is doing from it i kinda left him in the shit so... i knocked this up earlier today;

It's weird, i try and stay away from doing things mainly or worse still 100% on a computer, apart form the text this was all done fucking around in photoshop and even though i like the end result i feel dirty for it! until the day this shit sees ink and paper i'm nothing more than a digital shlub!

p.s. check out PJ Bond, he is a good friend and a great song writer...

Sunday, 21 February 2010

man, If i only i had a grenade...

... the magazine club tour would be fucked! 'kin jerks...

some things REALLY piss me off! i guess it's my own fault for even flicking through the trash but i can't help getting angry when i see a retard from lost prophets wearing a Black Flag shirt, there is no possible way that you can be into, understand and believe in a band like Black Flag and even have a slight connection with bull shit like lost prophets, let alone be in the band! I guess he must think that Black Flag is a clothing brand... I'm annoyed at myself for even taking that time to give these assholes the time of day and write this but sometimes somethings NEED to be vented to keep your sanity.

If only Ginn could see this, i know he would set things straight!

Now that i've gotten that out of my system,  go and check out these other lovely blogs;

Owens, Lotty's, Ryan's & Microphone Head's (mic's has a post about Zero Boys, they fucking rule so get the record, it's 2 record sunday after all!)

Monday, 15 February 2010

Bangers The Braves

Andrew from BANGERS asked me if i would do some sort of shirt design for them, I love his band so I was more than happy to help...

coming to a shirt at a punk show near you i guess...

The Mighty!

I shot some photos of Taint a little while ago...
Taint are amazing, they will blow your ear drums out your asshole, if Taint aren't in your life yet then you are missing out!

Hammer those fingers

Hammer no more the Fingers played in Swansea the other night, they were great!