Monday, 22 February 2010

digital shlub fuzz er

I've been working on a poster for my friend trev. trev runs Swansea Collective.
I was thinking a bout doing some sort of bumble bee / bee hive / bee hive hair do idea...

I made a bunch of different 'poster' versions for the show but couldn't get anything to look right, sometimes shit just doesn't work out i guess. 
I still think it's a cool idea and i like the little bees so i'm going to do something with it at some point, maybe even just screen print it as an image as opposed to a poster.

because i couldn't get a poster for the show trev is doing from it i kinda left him in the shit so... i knocked this up earlier today;

It's weird, i try and stay away from doing things mainly or worse still 100% on a computer, apart form the text this was all done fucking around in photoshop and even though i like the end result i feel dirty for it! until the day this shit sees ink and paper i'm nothing more than a digital shlub!

p.s. check out PJ Bond, he is a good friend and a great song writer...

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