Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Banquet(s) oops!

My friend Dave has just started a new band called BANQUETS and he asked me to do a design for them that they could use as a T Shirt design, that sounded cool, they love drinking so i thought of doing some sort of drunk moonshine bird/eagle type thing.
I fucked up my first attempt of drawing an eagle and then ended up drawing a beer can, it came out alright so i thought i should just go with it. I then called my friend Pugs and asked what Dave's new band was called because i had forgotten, he told me they were called 'Banquet.' Turns out they are called 'BanquetS!' and that name comes from a certain type of beer...
The long and the short of the story is that a t shirt design with the wrong band name and PBR colours didn't cut the mustard...

oh well... i will try doing some sort of drunk eagle again asap!

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