Monday, 26 March 2012

smudge city

I've gone and done a whole heap of t shirts designs lately.
BANQUETS from America asked me to draw a rose coming out of a urinal;
They always ask me to draw up weird shit, i like that.
BANGERS asked me to whip up a record cover for a new CD/7" that they are releasing in time for their upcoming European tour. The record is called, Good Livin'. What says good livin' better than fast food, sun shine and roller coasters?
Click on it to see the real deal.
I drew this one eyed lady for the power house that are DEAD TO ME from San Francisco
but i think they're going on black shirts so it'll look more like this in real life;
I designed a shirt for the late great, recently reformed, but still great ONE MAN ARMY but i think the ball has stopped rolling so it's just sitting here on my cold lonely blog for the time being.
The last thing i drew up was this twisted nun for a great band from Italy called MALE MUTE KID
I guess i really like lightening bolts... Thanks for looking!

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