Tuesday, 22 February 2011


Recently I've been getting into making flyers in a knock 'em up fashion using the xerox machines at Staples. Scanners and Photoshop have made my brain and fingers lazy. When I'd help put on gigs with friends as a snotty teenager we used to just rock up to the copying machines with Thrasher magazines, pens and scissors and make the flyers on the spot, they always looked cool and it was fun!
 For some reason I'm really into doing things that way again. Maybe it's nostalgia. 
The coolest thing about making flyers in the dreaded StaplesOfficeSupplySuperStore is that they have everything you need right there and if you act like you know what you're doing you don't have to pay for ANY of the supplies that you use - Take That!

Here are some i made earlier;
i've posted this one before... here it is again

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