Sunday, 5 September 2010

it's not always smooth sailing...

the last real project that i worked on was the artwork for the new arteries record 'Dead Sea'
the album is initially coming out on CD via SWFU and Specialist Subject Records and is later going to be released on LP by Florida's Paper + Plastic.

here are all the bits laid out for the cd digi package;

and here is the layout for the insert/pull out poster;

you can pre order the CD and get a cool looking t shirt as well as the mp3s from Specialist Subject Record right now, just click here!

i'm going on tour next week and i'm planning to shoot millions of photos to make up for a huge lack of  camera action. it's going to be a while before i get shit processed and scanned but when i get round to it i will upload some images and hopefully make some sort of documentary photo zine also. 
just watch this space i guess... 

but don't hold your breath as you will definitely end up dead :(

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